Delta Phi Epsilon's Leadership Team (LT) consists of the President and seven Vice Presidents. These members are responsible for delegating tasks and overseeing coordinator positions. Delta Phi Epsilon is organized so that every single sister plays an integral role in the improvement and upkeep of the chapter. We all work together to create a DPhiE that we are proud of, today and tomorrow!


Hi guys! My name is Kristen Nicolosi and I will be serving as chapter president for Delta Phi Epsilon this year! Prior to holding this position, I was the new member educator. I am a junior from West Chester, Pennsylvania majoring in Exercise & Sports Science with a minor in Global Health. I would like to become a physical therapist working with special needs children. Around campus I am involved with the College of Education Student ambassador program as well as the UGA Center's Abroad ambassador program. Since I am an out of state student, I joined Delta Phi as a freshmen as a way to meet people. Little did I know how much this chapter would impact my life. DPhiE has truly shaped me into who I am today and given me lifelong friendships and amazing memories that I will cherish forever. 


Hey y'all, I'm Danna Downs, I'm an Applied Mathematics major with a certificate in actuarial science. Being an actuary would be my dream job, but while in school I am a nanny for some fantastic kiddos in Athens. I joined Delta Phi Epsilon when I transferred to UGA my sophomore year of college. I know that college is a time for growth, in your education and with yourself, and when I walked into the house for the first time I was surrounded by strong and confident women. I knew this was the place I would be pushed and encouraged to achieve my best self. I am so blessed to be serving this year as Vice President and hope to give back to this chapter more than what they've given me.


My name is Jessica Oberlander, I am currently studying to become a marine biologist because I have always had an interest in the oceans and helping to preserve them. I was also born in Canada and moved to Georgia in the third grade. I joined DPhiE because I loved how passionate everyone is about this sisterhood and supporting one another, not to mention how amazing all of our philanthropies are. Before holding the position of VPP I was the ANAD coordinator which was a very rewarding position and helped me to learn more about a cause that is now so close to my heart. I can’t wait to bring more awareness to all of the organizations we support and I am so excited to serve as this years Vice President of Programming!


Hey y'all! I'm Kate and I have the privilege of serving as the 2019 Vice President of Recruitment for the Psi chapter! I am twenty-one years old and I was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. I am a Political Science and Women's Studies double major, with the intention of attending law school after graduation! In addition to being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, I am also involved in the Women's Studies Student Organization where I serve as a co-facilitator. Both of these organizations mean so much to me because they both encourage the empowerment of young women. I have loved being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon ever since I joined as a freshman in 2016 because our sisterhood is the place I have found my people and my home away from home here at UGA. I am incredibly thankful for everything this sisterhood has given me and I am so honored and grateful for the opportunity to give back this year as VPR!


Hi!! My name is Amber Woodhull and I’m the Vice President of Membership Development for Delta Phi Epsilon. I’m in the Double Dawgs program for Early Childhood Education here at UGA. On campus, I’m involved in the Guide Dog Foundation and Christian Campus Fellowship. People usually describe me as a generally happy person, as I love to bring joy and spread happiness to other people’s lives. The fact that I’m able to put so much hard work into something that means so much to me, as VPMD, and see results because of it makes me so happy. Dphie has given me a home at college, a great group of girls, including some of my best friends, and some of my favorite college memories. I’m so happy that I get the chance to give back to dphie by helping all members find their home away from home, their go to girls, and their long-lasting memories. 


Hey! My name is Taylor Morain and I am the Vice President of Academic Affairs! I am a 2nd year Journalism major. I joined DPhiE because I was looking for a support system as my parents were moving to Oklahoma. I found the greatest group of supporting and loving women in DPhiE. I am so excited for this year, and to have the opportunity to return the love and support to the chapter.


Emily is super excited to be serving as Vice President of House Management. She is majoring in both Advertising and Studio Art with a concentration in Painting. Emily one day hopes to work in the advertising department of Disney or within the travel and tourism industry. In her free time she enjoys spending time with sisters, making art, and hanging out with her dog, Phoebe. She is from the town of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, but couldn’t be happier to have found a new home in Athens.


Hi! My name is Hannah Kate and I am a junior from Marietta, Georgia and I am studying early childhood education. I have been lucky enough to spend 3 semesters student teaching in elementary schools around Athens, which has been such a rewarding and educational experience!  When I came to the University of Georgia, I joined Delta Phi Epsilon because of all of the confident and loving women that surrounded me. I constantly feel built up and they have helped me grow into my best self. Before being elected Member at Large, I held the position of Sunshine Coordinator. Through this I was able to build up morale through the chapter. It was such a rewarding position that I decided I wanted to run for Member at Large and continue to grow our sisterhood! I love DPhiE because I love these women and the confidence and boldness that we stand for! I am so excited to serve this chapter this year on Leadership Team! Go Greek, Go DPhiE!