Hear it from our sisters themselves why YOU should become a Delta Phi Epsilon sister.

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why dphie? Because DPhiE gave me the girl gang I always wanted and could never find. I love my sorority because it’s full of genuine, kind women who won’t hesitate to help others or reach out when one of us is struggling - I went through a rough personal patch and when I reached out to my sisters, girls I had only met once texted me with advice and offers of help. I’ve never felt more loved than in that moment. That being said, we are equally quick to celebrate successes and rejoice in new, fun experiences! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve gone to a sister when something great happens and they’ve been genuinely, truly happy for me. Why dphie? Because you’ll find a family of girls who care about, support, and WANT the best for each other.

- Kaitlin Dippolito, beta class

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The girls of dphie encourage me to be strong in who I️ am, for who I️ am is enough. My sisters are the essence of beauty; each unique in their brilliantly different ways. My sisters are trailblazers, constantly paving the way for success and greatness. My sisters spread kindness in every step that they take even if they do not receive kindness back. Through dphie I️ have found the people that do not judge, they accept. They do not hold grudges, they forgive.The love that was shown to me the moment that I️ first stepped onto the lawn of delta phi epsilon and everyday since is the reason that I️ fell in love with this sorority.


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I chose DPhiE because of the amazing sisterhood that this sorority holds! IMMEDIATELY I felt like I was part of the big psi family and everyone I met put a smile on my face! Since then my love for DPhiE has only GROWN!! I am constantly surrounded by bold and courageous women who are true to themselves! What an incredible sisterhood to be a part of- Much love for all of my sisters

-Hannah Kate Hopper, Delta Class

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I was part of a spring class of initiates. Spring rush can be tricky. There are a lot less sororities that actually do it, so you have less to choose from and sometimes that's scary cause it can put you in the mindset of "what if I fit better somewhere else during fall rush?" However, the people that you meet and the connections you make are a lot deeper than "fitting in." DPhiE represents that in a beautiful way. Everyone here is different, but we share the same values in our hearts. I've made some of my closest friends in DPhiE and met incredible people through our sisterhood. These girls will push you to be the best version of your OWN self, not what they expect or want you to be. dphie is my home. -ashi patel, epsilon class

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I stayed because I met a group of girls who have carried me through college during the tough times and have made the good times even better. I’m graduating this year and I can say my life is forever changed by this organization because it brought me to my group of amazing amazing women I have surrounding me